Social Sciences Full-time Faculty

Rosiana Azman
(808) 734-9831
Olona 214

Univ. Hawai‘i, MA, PhD in  Psychology, 2003. Interests in educational, cognitive, and developmental psychology, including educational attitudes, learning skills, and student motivation and success. Professional endeavors include the development of the Scale of Educational Attitudes, national conference presentations, and numerous publications.

Candy Branson
(808) 734-9174
Ohia 103B

California State Univ.-Stanislaus, M.A. in Psychology, 1997.  Research interests in developmental and social psychology.  Courses taught include: Family Resources: Lifespan, General Psychology, Psychology of Personality, Psychology of Adjustment, Developmental Psychology, Human Sexuality, General Sociology, Human Development 1 & 2 (Childhood & Adolescence), Child Development, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Personal and Social Adjustment, Human Sexuality, and The Exceptional Child.  Discipline Coordinator for Family Resources. Honors Education Program Coordinator and Advisor to Kapi`olani Community College’s Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

Ibrahim Dik
(808) 734-9830
Olona 210

Univ. Hawai‘i, PhD in Agricultural Economics, BA , MA in Economics Univ. Utah. (PhD Dissertation: "An Improved  Method to Determine the Market Potential for a New Food Product"). Professional endeavors include teaching, college governance and accreditation, academic research and professional consulting. Extensive travel in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

John Havey
(808) 734-9177
Olona 101

Walden Univ. PhD in Counseling Psychology, MA Clinical Psych. Argosy Univ., BA Philosophy, UHM. Academic focus on Addiction Studies, Heath Psychology, Positive Psychology. Licensed Psychologist (Clinician). Ongoing interest in development of student character strengths to support academic and personal success and the psychology of religion. Greatly appreciate student interaction and creativity in the classroom, and stress positive aspects of the learning experience.

Carl Hefner (Chair)
(808) 734-9438
Kalia 101

Univ. Hawai‘i, MA, PhD in Anthropology 1994. East-West Center Grantee 1979-84. Interests in Cultural Anthropology, Southeast Asia (with special emphasis on Burma, Indonesia and Thailand), Asian Studies, Linguistics, and Ethnomusicology.  Professional endeavors include extensive travel and research in Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, China, Argentina, Chile, Micronesia, Canada, Mexico. President: East-West Center Alumni Association, Member: East-West Center International Board

Robin Mann
(808) 734-9185
Olona 117

Univ. Hawaii MA in Sociology, 5th year Professional Certificate in Secondary Education (Social Sciences). Research focus in Communication and Culture. Born and raised in Kihei, Maui. Have always supported and encouraged community service (service learning), and have personally served on several community Boards of Directors, and been involved in the television industry.  Additionally, have traveled extensively through-out the United States, Asia, the Caribbean, and Europe. Teaches and/or have taught all of the Sociology courses offered at Kapiolani.  Passionate about teaching and learning, and wanting to see students fulfill their dreams!

Neghin Modavi
(808) 734-9184
Olona 113

Univ. Hawai‘i, PhD in Sociology 1992, MA in Communication UHM, BA in Psychology UHM.  Doctoral dissertation and subsequent publications focused on land and environmental disputes in Hawai‘i.   Offers courses in Sociology of Aging and Social Science of Food & Nutrition.  She has been an advocate of Service-Learning for over a decade and is currently the Service-Learning Faculty Coordinator at the College.  Her recent efforts include the production, from concept to camera work to editing, of two video documentaries on KCC students’ service learning experiences and contributions to the community.

Dennis Nullet
(808) 734-9183
Olona 112

Univ. of Hawai‘i, MA, PhD in Geography 1989. Interests in climate and the environment, digital mapping, and distance education. Author and co-author of over thirty journal articles and books addressing various aspects of physical geography with emphasis on Hawai‘i. Extensive international travel. Currently KCC technology emphasis coordinator and involved in distance education planning.

Veronica Ogata
(808) 734-9833
Olona 213

Univ. of Hawai‘i, PhD in Education. M. Ed., B. S. in Family Resources. Interests in Teacher Preparation, Exceptionalities, Multicultural Education, Student Engagement, Families, & Service Learning. Coordinator of TEACH (Teacher Education for All Children) Hawai‘i Program and board member of the Hawai‘i Alliance For Future Teachers (HAFT), both of which help interested students to become teachers. Enjoys spending time with her family, absolutely loves teaching, and looks forward to getting to know students throughout the semester.

Joe Overton
(808) 734-9832
Olona 212

Univ. Maryland, MA, PhD in Government and Politics. Emphasis on International Relations especially the Middle East and Asia. Recipient of Fulbright Grants to: Japan, Korea, Morocco, Tunisia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. Recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the East-West Center. President of Japan Studies Association, Executive Director, the Asian Studies Development Program's Association of Regional Centers. Treasurer, Society for Gulf Arab Studies. Numerous grants from East-West Center, Freeman Foundation (including $2.4 million study abroad for KCC students), Federal Title VI and Nat. Sec. Ed. Program, and Japan Foundation. Led faculty study groups on educational tours to Japan, Malaysia, and South America.

Tanya Renner
(808) 734-9385
Olona 216

Univ. California-Berkley, MA, PhD in Psychology 1988. Interests in adult development of thinking skills, critical thinking, authentic assessment of learning and program evaluation. Ongoing research in effective teaching and learning practices, the types of experiences that contribute to the development of critical thinking skills, and assisting community service agencies in obtaining data that simultaneously demonstrate effective practice areas where attention is needed.

Barbara Ross
(808) 734-9178
Olona 102

Univ. Hawai‘i, ABD in Educational Administration, MA in Economics. Interests in Community College issues, especially those relating to how changing economic conditions affect enrollment decisions. Leisure activities include yoga, aerobics, trap-shooting, and travel when time allows.